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Different Types of Bras Available at Silks

Glossary of bra types available from Silks Hervey Bay online store

If you look around the shops online you will quickly discover that there are more bra types then you may ever have imagined. And the names of these bras may astound you. But realistically, there are now bras available for every occasion including weddings, special occasions, maternity and post surgery and for women who play many types of sport.

Silks has bras for the petite right through to the voluptuous full figure women.

Full figure bras

Gone are the days when there was just one horrible style of bra for full figured women. Sure some of these bras still have wide cushioned straps and sides but they do provide more support when you compare them with petite or average bras.

Silks cater for larger women and we do have bra styles that are fashionable and are available larger cup sizes.

Mastectomy bras

Mastectomy bras are designed with pockets in the cup which hold the breast prosthesis. The breast prosthesis simulates the natural breast in its shape and weight providing symmetry and balance. It's important to get the right prosthesis which offers the right comfort level.

Protection for the chest and breast cancer scars can also be a benefit when using a mastectomy bra. On top of this, chances of suffering back, shoulder and neck problems can be minimised and pre-surgery clothes will continue to fit well.

Maternity bras

Itís important for every pregnant woman to wear a bra that is designed to give you as much support as possible as your breasts grow during pregnancy. Many women discover that their breast size and around the rib cage tends to increase in size during pregnancy.

When you choose a maternity bra you will quickly discover that there is a larger breast coverage that provides better support. Often there are more hooks at the back that will allow you to make the appropriate adjustments as your rib cage size changes. Wearing a maternity bra may sound like it comes from the dark ages but you will find that there is a variety of maternity bras available in fashionable designs, different colours and styles.

Minimiser bras

Underwire bras are great but sometimes you might discover that the underwire digs in. Minimiser bras have been designed to rectify this by redistributing the breast without the underwiring digging in.

They give added support for larger sizes (DD and upwards) while they help to reduce the size of the breasts at the same time. The minimiser helps prevent spill over, gaping buttons in shirts and blouses and it can give a thicker look to your upper body.

Multiway bras

Multiway bras are functional for nearly every occasion including sporting activities. Multiway bras have straps that can be worn in various ways including as a halter neck, over the shoulder, crossed over the body etc. They are fantastic especially if you are wearing dresses or tops that are halterneck or have a cross over at the back.

You can wear a Multiway bra as your standard everyday bra with t-shirts, blouses and shirts and dresses.

Post natal / breastfeeding bras / nursing bras

Post natal / breastfeeding bras are available in different styles and designs. You will find that some have underwire while others donít. The convenience of a bra designed for breastfeeding or nursing mothers is fantastic as the bras with flaps that cover the breast can be detached without having to undo the bra. This eases the tension for you and your baby when you are visiting or out in public.

The flaps on these bras have been designed for discreet nursing. Some have been adjusted to accommodate your changing cup size.

There are various ways the flaps connect Ė they may connect at the top of the bra cup or they may connect at the middle of the two cups, near the band of the bra.

Choosing a post natal / breastfeeding bra / nursing bra without flaps means that these bras are made so that they can be easily pulled to one side while you are nursing. These bras as often made of a softer fabric that makes them comfortable for the mother and baby.

Modern Shape Bras

The more modern shape underwire bra is comfortable to wear and has various features that include lower cup for support, enforced sides, good support. The modern shape bra covers various types from T-shirts to strapless and support bras.

Sports bras

Gone are the days when you are playing sports or running that you have to suffer from a bouncing bust. If you arenít wearing a bra that gives you the support you need you may suffer from severe discomfort and the repetitive bounce could cause damage tissue.

Sporting bras are designed to reduce the breast bounce while at the same time giving excellent support to your bust when exercising. Most sport bras provide either high or medium motion control depending on whether they have been designed for moderate or intense activity levels.

If you take part in any sporting activities such as running, riding, aerobics, kick boxing or any fast moving / active activities then it is recommended you should use a sports bra.

Strapless bras

Strapless bras maintain shape and control without the aid of straps.† The unique design that features fibrefilled lining for shaping, narrow gripper elastics, side stays and wider backs for better anchoring helps the bras stay in place. Underwire versions add more shaping.

Strapless bras are available in different styles, colours and are quite fashionable and are ideal for evening dresses or strapless dresses.

Support Bras

Seam free three layers with hidden uplift panels, they have underwire with side support controls that shape the bust. They are very fashionable and comfortable.

T-shirt bras

T-Shirt bras have been designed to appear invisible under the thinnest of fabrics. Usually seamless they are smooth under clingy clothes and they are either lined with sleek foam or lightly padded with polyfill which prevents embarrassing show-through.

Underwire bras

Underwire bras have flexible wires inside the bottom cups and are designed to give added support and shape to the bust and help reduce sagging. These bras provide additional support and lift to the larger breasted woman and can be found in many different styles of bras.

Underwire bras are quite fashionable; they can be elegant, sexy and give an uplifting and sometime seductive plunge look to the breasts. These bras are available in various designs, colours and styles.